In a world of swipe right, swipe left, which is based solely on looks, loved ones are able to look deeper into prospects’ personalities, lifestyles, and values, and find someone that they think would be a good match for the person in their life that they have watched go through the current options for dating sites. They have seen these dates fail, and rarely go beyond a first date, if they ever make it to a first date at all.

This app is created for people who are looking for prospects for a person that they love, people who are tired of conventional dating apps, tired of “hook ups”, shallow, dead end texting, and rarely a genuine connection. Because the current dating apps rarely produce a lasting, fulfilling relationship, it is time for loved ones to look deeper, to get past the superficial, and monotonous cycle that rarely goes beyond that swipe.

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Meet The Founder

My name is Becky, I’m the mother of three wonderful daughters. I am also the grandma to a beautiful granddaughter. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an aunt. I am a caregiver. I have worked my entire adult life as a nurse, and for the past 12 years, I have been a hospice nurse. I think being a hospice nurse has given me some perspective on life, what’s important, and how each day needs to count. I have also learned that a mother can only be as happy as her most unhappy child. I haven’t always been good at relationships, and it took me two failed marriages to find the person who was meant for me. But even as a teenager, dating consisted of meeting up, going to movies, getting to know each other either on the phone or in person.

Now, I feel there is such a disconnect, because most of the dating world is done virtually via text or through chat on dating sites. It has turned in to hook-ups and shallow judgements that happen in the fraction of a second as a picture flashes on your screen, and you swipe left or right. People are in a trance, as they pass by people that could potentially be someone they would like to get to know, but it’s too easy to move on to the next one, without a second thought.

I am hoping with the app, moms can talk to moms (or dads, sisters, brothers, friends, etc.) or anyone who thinks enough of someone in their life, that they want someone to know how wonderful they really are, and would like to discuss why they think that person would be a good fit in their family. I don’t want computer generated personality tests, that try to randomly match people. I want a loving person in the single person’s life who talks to another loving person in another single person’s life, and to see if the two might be good together. I would love to create a space where two loved ones could talk about an important single person in their life. Someone they love, and want only the best for. 

About Us

I created this app trying to come up with a solution to a problem that I have personally become aware of. Being the mother of 3 beautiful daughters, I have seen the struggles. Dating has turned in to something cold. Something shallow. Something that rarely amounts to anything worthwhile. I have watched my daughters struggle with finding their life partners. This struggle stems from swiping left and swiping right on one picture that has little to no substance. It may be hard for people to talk about themselves, to be honest about all the wonderful attributes they could bring to a relationship, while a loved one who is aware of those attributes, would have absolutely no problem discussing them with the loved one of a prospective partner. Let’s face it, in this life, most of us want to find love. And most of us want to see the people we care about the most find a loving, meaningful relationship. So, I feel I developed this app, because from my heart, I feel there is a need for it.

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